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What is Disruptive Innovation?

Scott Anthony, co-author of "The Innovator's Guide to Growth" introduces the concept of disruptive innovation.

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Michael Porter on Competitiveness

Michael Porter, the Bishop William Lawrence University Professor at Harvard, addresses the Columbus Partnership on competitiveness for a region and its urban areas.

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The Five Competitive Forces That Shape Strategy

An Interview with Michael E. Porter, Professor, Harvard University. Porter's five competitive forces is the basis for much of modern business strategy. Understand the framework and how to put it into practice.

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Networking Is More Than Lots of Names

Networking is more than having a hefty collection of business cards and attending A-list parties. Heidi Roizen has been a Silicon Valley CEO, a venture capitalist, and a corporate board member but “the homework never ends,” she told Stanford Graduate School of Business students.   Heidi Roizen may be one of the best-connected executives in [...]

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The Innovator’s DNA

A major new study involving some 3,500 executives has highlighted the key skills that innovative and creative entrepreneurs need to develop.   The six-year-long research into disruptive innovation by INSEAD professor Hal Gregersen, Jeffrey Dyer of Brigham Young University and Clayton Christensen of Harvard, outlines five 'discovery' skills you need. But, says Gregersen, you don’t [...]

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New Business Model Innovation – LEGO Returns to Core Competencies for Fun and Profit

In 2004, the LEGO empire teetered on the edge of ruin—loss had steadily increased since 1998, leaving the famous toymaker with heavy lifting and a sagging bottom line. But in the years following 2004 LEGO emerged: stronger, lighter and faster.   How? By seeking out and listening to the unmet needs of consumers, developing products [...]

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Are You the Bottleneck in Your Organization?

You may be the reason your company isn't growing. You are micromanaging — and it's stifling the organization you are trying to build.   Our research tells us that the very management style that enables a founder to get a company off the ground — a zealous focus on tactical execution — often derails growth [...]

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Whole Foods’ John Mackey Is Out to Change American Business

John Mackey, the CEO of Whole Foods Market chain, has loftier goals than getting Americans to eat healthy foods, one of the missions of his grocery empire. He is out to change American business as well, putting it on the path to higher consciousness.   "A Whole Foods store, in some respects, is like John [...]

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What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do Next

Enter a growing legion of middlemen, outfits that hook up companies (anonymously, if that’s what they want) with individuals or groups that might be able to solve specific problems.   Netflix, the Los Gatos, California, movie-rental outfit, did some reaching out in order to improve its Cinematch recommendation system, which uses customers’ rental histories to [...]

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More than just marketing: Using YouTube for customer engagement

"There are almost as many videos viewed in the UK as there are searches done. Everyone recognises the phenomenon of search, and recognises how intrinsic it is to the web experience, but they don’t think about video in the same way." When you’re debating bona fide internet phenomena, a few names quickly filter into the [...]

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