I’m sure those who’ve got teenage children will know that they can text check their face book and download music almost simultaneous in a manner which would completely astonish people of the 50+ type who were not brought up in this era, so its inevitable that the way people communicate and the way people think, the way people do things, all of these are changing bit by bit gently. Businesses will have to adapt the way that they conduct their business to reflect the way that there own managers are operating a significant example of this is the trend towards open innovation.

In times not so long ago; innovation was always done with guys in a white coat in a secret type building and it was not shared, compare this with computer software that’s challenging the likes of Microsoft, compare this with fashion brands which are developing through the internet using contributors who are not necessarily even known to the companies but are contributing ideas which are then been shared in an eco friendly way. So if you look at the major thrusts the growth, the power of the internet combined with a desire to save and protect the planet we may well see different styles of business creeping in from the fringes but ending up in the main stream, please take notice of these trends and try and be proactive and don’t get left behind.

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